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Supporting the Expansion of NGVs

As more and more NGVs hit the road, natural gas fuel providers are making sure that the infrastructure expands to keep pace. Because of technological advances in the development of underground pipes and on-site refueling devices, stations can be located almost anywhere that natural gas can be piped. This greatly increases availability and convenience. Today, public-access and privately owned natural gas fueling stations can be found in strategic locations across California, the West Coast and North America and additional fueling stations are being designed and constructed to meet future demands.

Today's natural gas fueling stations typically offer both Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). The preferred fueling method for light to medium NGVs, CNG stations dispense between five and ten gallons per minute. Heavy-duty NGVs with weight and range requirements typically fuel up on LNG, which allows them to store more fuel on board with less tank weight. L/CNG stations can service both types of NGVs by converting LNG into CNG.

For information and locations of natural gas fueling stations, please visit the Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Data Center.

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