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Who We Are:

The California Natural Gas Vehicle Partnership (CNGVP) is an alliance of air quality, transportation and energy agencies, vehicle and engine manufacturers, fuel providers, transit and refuse hauler associations, and other stakeholders interested in increasing and strengthening the deployment of low-emission natural gas vehicles throughout California. Through the CNGVP's efforts in California, the organization has helped to deliver the promise of clean transportation by promoting the research and development, demonstration and deployment, accessibility and commercializing, and legislative support for natural gas vehicles. The success of these efforts in California has served as a model for low-emission, alternative fuel initiatives in other states across the country and around the globe.

Strategic CNGVP Initiatives

The CNGVP Steering Committee pursues three important goals on behalf of the Partnership:

  1. Actively Collaborate with "INFORM." The Partnership works closely with the New York City based INFORM organization. INFORM is a very successful independent research organization, founded in 1974, that disseminates in-depth information on successful and affordable strategies for environmental progress. INFORM concentrates on dialog and collaboration among business, government and communities. Their work is funded by more than 40 foundations, 24 corporations, and government grants.

    The Partnership works with INFORM on DOE funding opportunities; on supporting legislation that encourages the adoption and use of NGVs; and to host workshops to inform local decision-makers about clean heavy-duty fleet vehicles.  The Partnership works with INFORM to create a guidance pamphlet on how to develop clean fleet rules at the local government level, based on a case study of AQMD's fleet rules.
  2. Support and Foster the Mission of the ICTC. The Partnership is directly involved in supporting California infrastructure projects under the auspices of the Interstate Clean Transportation Corridor (ICTC).

    The ICTC is a network of alternative fuelling stations located along key roadways, serving clean truck fleets that move freight through the Western states. CNGVP concentrates on projects throughout California and works closely with the ICTC steering committee, which includes the U.S. DOE, U.S. EPA, CARB, the CEC, South Coast AQMD, SANBAG, SCAG, the Mojave Desert AQMD, and the Sierra Pacific Power Company.

    Gladstein, Neandross & Associates, an environmental consulting firm based in Santa Monica, facilitates the efforts of the ICTC Steering Committee. The Infrastructure Working Group arm of the Partnership supports GNA in this endeavor. To learn more about the ICTC, please click here.
  3. Create and Promote NGV Purchase Incentives. The Partnership works with companies to create incentives for their employees to purchase natural gas vehicles under the Secure Funding Working Group.

    Employees of companies that comply with fleet rules are often already familiar with seeing, driving, and working around alternative fuel vehicles; they often have on-site fuelling at their place of employment; and their employees are a group of buyers that create the bridge to adoption of CNG vehicles within the private sector.
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