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Why Natural Gas?

Good for the environment. Good for business.

With the rising cost of petroleum-based gasoline, tougher emission standards and the growing public demand for better environmental policies, natural gas vehicles provide an attractive alternative with a multitude of key advantages.

Lower Operating Costs
NGVs are less expensive to operate than traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. Using natural gas can save you up to 15% in fuel costs alone (25% in Canada).

Lower Maintenance Costs
Because natural gas burns cleaner than most other fuels, parts can stay cleaner and maintenance costs are often less.

Filling up with natural gas is virtually the same as filling up with petroleum-based gasoline. You drive up to the pump (which looks very similar to a gasoline pump), fill up your tank using a nozzle, and in a few minutes you're on the road again.

There are over one million NGVs in use around the world, and the safety record is excellent. With today's state-of-the-art fueling stations, fueling your NGV is just as safe as driving it.

Environmental Benefits
Natural gas burns cleaner than gasoline and other alternative fuels, reducing tailpipe emissions by up to 95%. In addition, factory-built NGVs produce emission levels lower than any other fuel except hydrogen, even lower than some electric cars when power plant emissions are taken into account.

NGVs also reduce emissions of carbon dioxide, the principal "greenhouse" gas that contributes to global warming. NGVs emit virtually no harmful particulate matter (PM) and don't contain benzene (a known carcinogen). Because natural gas is transported by underground pipeline directly to refueling stations, transport spills are eliminated. In the event of a leak, there is no risk of soil or water contamination because of natural gas's non-carcinogenic, non-toxic and non-corrosive qualities.

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