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Clear Goals for Clean Transportation

Clean transportation fueled by natural gas is no longer a distant goal to be reached by future generations. The California Natural Gas Vehicle Partnership is working to achieve immediate, as well as long-term, results. We have identified and categorized a number of very specific, aggressive yet achievable goals, and have dedicated the resources to reach our objectives. From the deployment of NGVs, to the advancement of NGV technologies, to the development of incentives, we are moving California closer to clean-air transportation every day.

The CNGVP will:

  1. Promote research, development, demonstration, and deployment and commercialization efforts in the advancement of natural gas engine and fueling technology.
  2. Increase awareness and urge the active participation among local, state, and federal policymakers regarding the use of NGVs and natural gas as a low-emission fuel, and promotion of future advancement in vehicle & fueling technologies to further reduce emissions.
  3. Promote availability of financial and non-financial incentives and technical assistance for deployment of natural gas vehicles and infrastructure.
  4. Encourage the purchase of dedicated NGVs by conducting public outreach for local, state, and federal purchasing programs.
  5. Establish goals for the deployment of specific numbers and types of light-, medium-, and heavy-duty natural gas vehicles and infrastructure during the next three, five and ten year periods.
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