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News Archive - March 2008

UPS Adds to 'Green' Fleet
March 27, 2008 - UPS, which already operates the transportation industry's largest private fleet of alternative fuel vehicles, has recently deployed 167 CNG delivery vehicles, bringing the UPS 'green fleet' total to 1,629. This number includes more than 800 CNG vehicles already in use by UPS in the United States. "This CNG deployment is one more step towards the 'greening' of the UPS fleet. Continuing to add CNG delivery trucks to our fleet is a sustainable choice because natural gas is a cost effective, clean-burning and readily available fuel," said Robert Hall, director of vehicle engineering at UPS. The trucks are expected to reduce emissions by 20% and improve fuel economy by 10% compared to the cleanest diesel engines available today. For more information, please click here.

Peterbilt & Westport Innovations Join Forces for LNG Truck
March 26, 2008 - Peterbilt Motors Company has announced its partnership with Westport Innovations to develop a natural gas version of its Model 386 units. These units will meet 2008 EPA and CARB emission standards and be eligible for a federal tax credit and other state-specific emissions credits. The first four of these units will be Model 386's built for Wal-Mart for use at their Apple Valley, California distribution center. Deployment will be funded in part by the Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District. For more information, please click here.

As Diesel Prices Spike, LNG Trucks Offer Cost Benefit to Fresno Fleet
March 21, 2008 - The decision to use liquefied natural gas (LNG) refuse trucks is paying off in a big way for the City of Fresno in California. With the price of diesel fuel skyrocketing so far this year, the city has been forced to pay out $400,000 more to fuel its diesel fleet than budgeted, but "we would have been $1.2 million over had we not switched to liquid natural gas (LNG)," said Joseph Oldham, Fresno Fleet Supervisor. "Now we've seen not only emissions benefits but cost savings by running alternative fuels." Compared to the typical diesel refuse truck, the city's 80 natural gas powered ones are not only cheaper to run, they're quieter and don't pollute the air as much—the original reason Fresno decided to begin the switch to natural gas five years ago. Fresno plans to replace its entire fleet of refuse trucks with natural gas trucks by 2010. For more information, please click here.

Port of LA Approves Clean Truck Plan
March 20, 2008 - The Los Angeles Harbor Commission has approved a Clean Truck Program for the Port of LA similar to the one approved by the Long Beach Board of Harbor Commissioners in April. The program goes into effect on October 1st, 2008 at both ports. One major difference is that the LA Port Plan requires that drivers be employees of port-approved concessionaires. There also are differences with respect to exemptions and financing. The Plan is expected to increase the number of natural gas trucks servicing both ports. For more information, please click here.

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