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News Archive - December 2011

Natural gas pumps coming to more filling stations
December 29, 2011 - Natural gas may be coming to a filling station near you. But the fuel continues to be ignored by automakers, the government and consumers even though it's far cheaper than gasoline and would wean the U.S. off foreign oil. A major natural gas developer plans to vastly increase the number of truck stops that offer liquid natural gas . That could help boost its use in the vehicles that burn the most fuel, while promoting its availability to a wider market, the Associated Press reports. But as usual, the industry's focus is on trucks and commercial fleets. No one seems to care whether consumers use it, and only one automaker, Honda, offers a natural-gas powered car made in the U.S., the Honda Civic GX, recently renamed the NG. Honda sells an inconsequential average of about 1,000 of them a year. Part of the reason that natural gas is such an utter failure at a time when it should be more popular than electricity for powering vehicles is that it's available at only a handful of public stations. There are also home fueling units that could mean most commuters would never have to go near a gas station. click here  >

Kenworth Truck Company Offers Advice on Spec'ing for Natural Gas Power
December 20, 2011 - Ready to seriously explore the purchase of natural gas trucks for your operation? So, where do you begin in the effort to specify for natural gas power? "Start with two primary considerations when spec'ing natural gas-powered trucks - first, the type of natural gas available in your operating area, and second, the operating range your trucks typically travel," recommended Andy Douglas, Kenworth Truck Company's national sales manager for specialty markets, who leads Kenworth's green truck initiatives. For the past five years, Douglas has traveled extensively to work closely with officials from fleets, non-profit organizations, municipalities, ports and government agencies interested in purchasing fuel-efficient, low-emission trucks or helping to aid the advancement of green trucks into the marketplace. For his efforts on Kenworth's behalf, Douglas was named one of just 40 Sustainability All-Stars by Green Fleet magazine recently. click here  >

IMW Industries mobile CNG station ideal for smaller fleets
December 20, 2011 - IMW Industries, a subsidiary of Clean Energy Fuels Corp, has introduced a new self-contained, mobile compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station designed for small to mid-size vehicle fleets. With the growing demand for natural gas fueling by vehicle fleets, the mobile station can be deployed and operating in days rather than months providing the economic and environmental benefits of using natural gas fuel quickly. Offering both time-fill and fast-fill fueling capabilities, the natural gas compression/dispensing system is mounted on a 24-foot trailer for quick deployment to fleet locations across the country to provide CNG fueling for new fleets or while a permanent station is under construction or undergoing equipment maintenance. click here  >

Kenworth Annual Show Facilitates Natural Gas Vehicle Selection by Fleet Operators
December 19, 2011 - USA-based Kenworth Truck Company hosted a truck show in Indianapolis featuring compressed natural gas (CNG) powered and hybrid Kenworths at the start of December. The company’s dedication to provision of green fleet choices includes compressed and liquefied natural gas (LNG) trucks. More than 350 truck and fleet operators learned about new available equipment and the future of natural gas fuel in the trucking industry. Also presented were free training sessions on vehicle maintenance and grant writing. “Truck operators and their technicians got a lot of great information about spec’ing choices, maintenance and grant assistance to help make the new technology more affordable,” said Jacob Nichols, general manager of Kenworth of Indianapolis. “A seven-person panel discussion provided information and opinions on the growth and future of natural gas in heavy duty trucks and the transportation industry. Participants learned how the rising cost of diesel and the increasing availability of domestic gas reserves is helping to build momentum for the adoption of natural gas-powered vehicles.” click here  >

Honda Civic Natural Gas is a new clean alternative
December 9, 2011 - Car buyers looking for ultra clean vehicles generally turn to hybrids or electric cars. There have been questions raised about the cradle-to-grave impact on the environment. What happens to the batteries? Can they be recycled or repurposed? How significant is the carbon footprint when assembling a hybrid and its additional components over a standard car? For the average Joe or Jane that just wants to do the responsible thing, it’s a dilemma. As you well know, the internet is full of ammunition to support any argument. Somewhere, someplace, there’s research that says trees actually hurt the environment. That, and the government has space aliens in captivity. Dozens of them. Ashton Kutcher may be one of them. Enter the Honda Civic NG. It doesn’t look any different from a standard Civic sedan. It doesn’t use gasoline. Doesn’t run on diesel fuel or electricity either. Clean coal? Space aliens are more realistic. This Honda is powered by natural gas. For treading lightly on Mother Earth, this is a very good thing. click here  >

Glendale to purchase natural-gas vehicles for some city workers
December 8, 2011 - Glendale has received $300,000 from an air pollution control agency to purchase 10 new natural-gas-powered vehicles for the Public Works Department. The natural-gas vehicles emit less toxins and particulates into the air than their diesel and unleaded gasoline counterparts, according to a city report. The Public Works Department is in the process of replacing a significant portion of its diesel and unleaded gasoline fleet. click here  >

L.A. rolls out clean bus fleet
December 1, 2011 - After riding L.A.'s Commuter Express for more than 20 years, Janis Risch said the 423 bus from Agoura Hills to downtown is showing its age: In heavy downpours, the roof leaks. In sweltering heat, the air conditioner sometimes dies. So it was with a smile Wednesday that Risch climbed aboard one of the city's new commuter buses for its inaugural run."These feel much better," Risch, 60, said as she leaned back into her adjustable seat. Over the next three months, transit officials plan to roll out 95 new buses. Risch, a financial recruiter, said she spotted a number of welcome improvements: overhead storage areas, a smoother ride and reading lights and air vents over each seat. She also liked the video screens up front that alerted passengers to the next stop. The majority of city buses are well past their 12-year life spans, officials said, and at least one bus has traveled 1.2 million miles since 1985. The new $67-million fleet of buses will run on compressed natural gas, as opposed to diesel, and offer 49 seats instead of 43. They will also provide easier wheelchair access and more space for bicycles, officials said. click here  >


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