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News Archive - May 2013

NGVAmerica in Atlanta in November
May 28th, 2013 - NGVAmerica is stepping up the promotion of its 2013 North American NGV Conference & Expo, which will be held November 18–21 at the Georgia World Congress in Atlanta.A new website for the event has been launched, hosted by CVEF, NGVAmerica’s Clean Vehicle Education Foundation affiliate.NGVAmerica is talking up an expanded educational program with more than five hours of plenary sessions and 20-plus breakout sessions, technical tours hosted by Atlanta Gas Light/AGL Resources, and “a comprehensive expo featuring the full gamut of light, medium and heavy duty vehicles, related engines and fuel system components, fuel station equipment components and packagers, retail fuel station developers, engineering/design consultants, contractors, NGV program consultants and others interested in NGV market growth.” READ MORE >

Waste Management, Top of the Charts
May 28th, 2013 - The Investor Responsibility Research Center has rated Waste Management as the second-best of all S&P 500 companies in terms of sustainability reporting. New York City-based IRRC evaluates annual reports, company 10-K filings and sustainability publications. Among Waste Management’s achievements from a clean vehicles point of view: Waste Management was one of the first refuse companies to commit to natural gas fuels, starting with liquefied natural gas-fueled trucks in Southern California. Waste Management deployed its 1,000th natural gas truck in the summer of 2011, and also opened a CNG-fueling facility at the Altamont Landfill, supporting nearly two dozen transfer trucks, early in 2013. READ MORE >

Want To Try LNG In Your Heavy-Duty Truck Fleet?
May 20th, 2013 - PACCAR Leasing Co. (PacLease) and Kenworth Sales Co. have debuted a program whereby heavy-duty trucking fleets can rent vehicles that run on liquefied natural gas (LNG) in lieu of signing long-term leases or buying new LNG trucks. The program is aimed mainly at fleets that are running routes in Utah, Idaho, eastern Oregon and the Las Vegas area. To accommodate the fleets' refueling needs, PacLease and Kenworth Sales Co. have partnered with Blu LNG, which is building a wide network of LNG stations in these areas. The companies say the Kenworth LNG trucks will be available in local-delivery, regional-haul, long-haul and heavy-haul configurations in all four states: in Boise, Idaho Falls and Jerome in Idaho; at three sites in Salt Lake City, one in Salina and one in Washington in Utah; in Las Vegas; and in Pendleton, Oregon. READ MORE >

Halliburton Mobilizing Nearly 100 Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles
May 20th, 2013 - Energy industry behemoth Halliburton is rolling out a pilot-scale fleet of approximately 100 light-duty compressed natural gas (CNG) OEM vehicles across several field locations in the U.S. "With this pilot program, we expect to obtain a wealth of information on what it would take to bring about a successful, broader adoption of CNG light-duty vehicles across the company," says Halliburton Western Hemisphere President Jim Brown.The new CNG trucks will be deployed in 15 of the company's sites in seven states, including Pennsylvania, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, California, Louisiana and Utah. READ MORE >

Santa Clara County to Install Compressed Natural Gas Fueling Station
May 14th, 2013 - A $300.000 grant from the California Energy Commission to Santa Clara County will be matched with $900.000 in county funds to install a compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station at the Fleet Management Facility at 2265 Junction Ave. in San Jose. A single CNG dispenser will be installed for use by buses and smaller vehicles. The station should be completed by 2015 and accessible to the public 24/7. "Natural gas is one of the cleanest and most abundant sources of fuel," said Supervisor Ken Yeager, president of the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors. "By installing a Compressed Natural Gas fueling station, we are encouraging the use of CNG vehicles to help decrease greenhouse gases and pollution in our area." It's estimated that a CNG vehicle emits 20 percent to 30 percent fewer greenhouse gases and 95 percent less particulate matter than the equivalent gasoline or diesel-powered vehicle. READ MORE >

Clean Energy, Mansfield Team up for Natural Gas Fueling
May 7th, 2013 - Clean Energy Fuels Corp. and Mansfield Energy Corp. announced a strategic partnership to offer customers what they say will be the most comprehensive solution in the compressed natural gas fuel industry. Mansfield Gas Equipment Systems has ongoing CNG service and operations contracts with 43 locations as well as 20 new CNG sites currently under development in the waste, transit, and municipal fleet sectors. These are typically "behind the fence" type facilities, owned by the fleet using it, rather than a retail operation. This portfolio will be combined with the 348 CNG and liquefied natural gas (LNG) fueling stations Clean Energy currently owns, operates or supplies. READ MORE >

CARB Looks to Ease CNG Upfits
May 7th, 2013 - The California Air Resources Board has set forth an updated proposal to modify its alternative fuel conversion certification requirements for new and in-use vehicles.Under the latest proposal, states a California Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition summary, retrofit system manufacturers that sell fewer than 4,500 alternative fuel systems per year in California would qualify for a streamlined application and certification process. CARB is also proposing reduced testing requirements, especially for on-board diagnostics, and closer alignment with EPA testing requirements, including for fuel. READ MORE >

Energy Commission Awards More Than $575.000 for Green School Bus Projects
May 6th, 2013 - The California Energy Commission approved $578.261 to projects that will boost the number of alternative fuel buses in two school districts in Southern California. The awards were made through the Commission's Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program, created by Assembly Bill 118. "This program has assisted more than a dozen school districts across the state to make the important transition to cleaner school buses," said Energy Commissioner Janea A. Scott. "Today's awards will help Walnut Valley Unified School District and the Los Angeles Unified School District install and update their natural gas fueling stations to accommodate additional alternative fuel school buses into their fleets." READ MORE >

Florida Legislature Approves Incentives for Natural Gas Vehicles
May 2nd, 2013 - Natural gas adoption in Florida got a shot in the arm with the passage by the Florida House of HB 579 to promote the use of natural gas fuels. The legislation encourages commercial fleet owners to invest in new natural gas vehicles through grants administered by the Office of Energy at the Florida Department of Agriculture. “Florida now leads the nation in our crucial drive toward energy independence,” said Eric Criss, Chairman of the Florida Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition. “This is an important step forward in America’s evolving national security policy and in protecting our environment. READ MORE >

Why Natural Gas-Powered Vehicles Are Catching On
May 2nd, 2013 - The shale revolution, which in recent years turned fracking into a household word and the U.S. into the world’s second-largest natural gas producer, is only half a revolution. It increased supply enough to meet current U.S. consumption for 100 years. To truly upend the global energy balance, the U.S. must also revolutionize demand. And the only way to do that is to get natural gas into what has always been the greatest prize: light trucks, 18-wheelers, government and delivery fleets, and, of course, private cars. More than 1,000 natural gas fueling stations already dot the U.S., with about half open to the public and the rest serving fleets. There are about 120,000 natural gas-powered vehicles on U.S. roads today and more than 15.2 million worldwide, according to Natural Gas Vehicles for America, an industry-funded trade group. By 2019 the number of natural gas consumer vehicles worldwide will rise to 25 million, says Navigant Consulting. READ MORE >

NGVs: an 'Energy Market Wild Card'
May 1st, 2013 - Natural gas vehicles, if they reach a “tipping point,” could alter the world outlook for oil and gas demand, says a new report from Morgan Stanley. “Oil is still the dominant fuel for transportation, but natural gas is becoming competitive,” states the preface to Natural Gas as a Transportation Fuel: Energy Market Wild Card. “With global natural gas resources now exceeding 240 years of consumption and gas prices at sharp discounts to oil in the U.S. and Europe, NGV popularity could grow. The technology is well developed, environmental benefits meaningful, and the economics attractive in many cases. READ MORE >
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