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Green ArrowNews Archive - November 2015

BioCNG to Build $1.6M Facility in California
24 November 2015 - BioCNG is using biogas to fuel cars without putting it in a pipeline. With several systems in seven U.S. locations, the company is now building a $1.6 million facility for the Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District near San Rafael, CA, to launch by the end of the year. READ MORE >

Republic Services Expands CNG Fleet in LA County
24 November 2015 - Phoenix-based Republic Services has announced the addition of 11 compressed natural gas (CNG) solid waste collection trucks to its fleet serving customers throughout the greater Gardena, California, area. The CNG trucks replace older diesel-powered trucks, bringing the total number of CNG vehicles operated by Republic in Gardena to 176. READ MORE >

LUSD, Community Leaders Unveil CNG Station
23 November 2015 - Several school, city and other community leaders gathered outside Lompoc Unified School District’s transportation center Monday morning for a celebration several years in the making. Officials from LUSD, which arranged the ceremony, officially unveiled the district’s new compressed natural gas, or CNG, filling station. READ MORE >

Making Your New Toyota Run Cleaner Before You Even Start It
23 November 2015 - Toyota Transport, the automaker’s in-house vehicle transportation trucking company, now has its first car hauler that runs on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). The Long Beach, CA based truck/trailer does what any other car hauler can do, except it does it while emitting 85 percent less overall particulate matter and 10 percent less carbon dioxide. The CNG truck was commissioned by Toyota and designed and built in a joint collaboration with Peterbilt and Cottrell, Inc., the truck and trailer manufacturers. READ MORE >

ATA Welcomes Questar Fueling as New Featured Product
20 November 2015 - Today, American Trucking Associations welcomed Questar Fueling, a national network of CNG fueling stations, as its latest Featured Product provider. READ MORE >

Deadline Nears for SoCalGas Customer Truck Rental Program
19 November 2015 - Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) is accepting applications through the end of the year to a first-of-its-kind program to provide free short-term rentals of compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks to qualified customers interested in exploring how this clean fuel can help them save money. READ MORE >

‘710 Freeway Mayors’ Back Change to Cleaner Trucks
19 November 2015 - "Heavy-duty natural gas vehicles can reduce smog by about as much as 90 percent. We need to be part of the solution to help clean the air by giving incentives for the transition from polluting heavy-duty trucks to clean alternative fuel vehicles such as near-zero emissions trucks that run on natural gas,” he said. READ MORE >

Long Beach Competes to Reduce Carbon Footprint in CoolCalifornia Challenge
18 November 2015 - The Energy Commission approved Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program (ARFVTP) projects, which must demonstrate the viability of bringing advanced fuels technology to the marketplace. More than $2.7 million distributed to seven school districts and cities will fund projects that establish or expand infrastructure necessary to store, distribute and dispense compressed natural gas (CNG) for use in natural gas vehicles. READ MORE >

CEC Approves Funds for California CNG Infrastructure Development
17 November 2015 - Energy Upgrade California® announces that 22 California cities will be part of the 2015-2016 challenge enstrongd the CoolCalifornia City Challenge, a six month long competition among participating cities in the state to incentivize residents to take simple steps to reduce their carbon footprint and better manage energy use. READ MORE >

Ryder Begins Using RNG in California
16 November 2015 - Ryder System, Inc. will begin using Clean Energy Fuels Corp.’s Redeem renewable natural gas (RNG) at its stations in Orange and Fontana, Calif., the company has announced. The fuel will be available in both compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) to individual and public fleet vehicles. As part of the fuel agreement, Clean Energy will also be providing fuel station maintenance services at both station locations. READ MORE >

Mayors Call for Less Pollution, Cleaner Trucks Along Freeway Corridors of South Gate, Bell, Commerce, Compton and Maywood
16 November 2015 - The five mayors will be joined by representatives from the CEC, SCAQMD and SoCalGas to explain this new solution to clean the air near and around their cities. They will also be joined by representatives from Cummins Westport, the maker of an engine that has recently been certified by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the Environmental Protection Agency as 90% cleaner than traditional engines – the first "near zero" transportation technology ready to roll in the all-important heavy duty sector. READ MORE >

CEC Awards CNG Infrastructure Grants to School Districts
16 November 2015 - The California Energy Commission (CEC) has yet again approved more funding for projects under its alternative fuel program, and this latest round of grants focuses mainly on building or expanding compressed natural gas (CNG) infrastructure at school districts throughout the state. READ MORE >

Fueling trucks with garbage: Manteca Harnessing Power of Food Waste
14 November 2015 - The leftovers that don’t get eaten from next year’s Thanksgiving dinners and the remnants of pizza from Sunday football parties that get tossed in 2016 will be more than just garbage. They will fuel Manteca’s new refuse collection trucks. It is part of a long-range strategy the City Council has put in motion that — after initial start-up expenses — promises to give Manteca another long-haul run at stabilized solid waste charges for residents. READ MORE >

Ryder to Fuel Fleets with 100% Renewable Natural Gas in California
12 November 2015 - Ryder System, Inc. (NYSE: R) and Clean Energy Fuels Corp. (NASDAQ: CLNE) currently announced an agreement for Ryder to take a confidant step in switching a fuel during their stations in Orange and Fontana, CA, to Clean Energy’s Redeem™ renewable healthy gas (RNG), a cleanest fuel commercially accessible today. The fuel during a dual stations will be accessible in both dense healthy gas (CNG) and liquefied healthy gas (LNG) to particular and open swift vehicles. READ MORE >

CNG Station Expansion
11 November 2015 - Bakersfield’s only public-accessible, 24-7 CNG fueling station gets $2 million makeover, more improvements planned. READ MORE >

A Joint Effort: Council, KCUSD Discuss Projects at Combined Meeting
4 November 2015 - The Central Valley Transportation Center - work has started on this $5 million project that’s a collaboration between the two governments. It’s being built in phases on a 40-acre site near Huntsman and Buttonwillow avenues, just south of the Sports Park. The site will include a compressed natural gas (CNG) station and serve fleets of both government agencies – instead of having separate facilities – for a more efficient use of taxpayers’ money. READ MORE >

Long Beach Switching Heavy Fleet to RNG From LNG
4 November 2015 - The City of Long Beach (Calif.) has transitioned its heavier vehicles to run on renewable natural gas (RNG) and discontinuing the use of liquid natural gas (LNG) to reduce emissions and fuel costs, according to the agency. READ MORE >

Fleets to Test Westport's Natural Gas Injectors in 2016
3 November 2015 - Westport Innovations Inc. has updated its roll-out schedule for its second-generation HPDI 2.0 natural gas vehicle engine injectors with plans to deliver the components to manufacturers in early 2016 and begin testing with fleet customers by the middle of the year, the company announced Nov. 2. READ MORE >

Ryder Sees Growing Diversity of Companies Deploying Natural Gas Vehicles
3 November 2015 - Whether it’s retail, food distribution, e-commerce, or logistics, companies from every industry, large and small, are realizing the benefits of natural gas vehicles according to Ryder System, Inc. (NYSE: R), a leader in commercial fleet management, dedicated transportation, and supply chain solutions. READ MORE >

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