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Current Press Releases :: 2016

California and Federal Partners Release Draft Technical Assessment Report of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Fuel Economy Standards for Model Years 2022-2025
Monday, July 18, 2016 | The California Air Resources Board, along with its federal partners – the U.S. EPA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration – today took a major step in the mid-term evaluation of greenhouse gas emissions and fuel economy standards for light-duty cars and trucks for model years (MY) 2022-2025 by releasing a draft Technical Assessment Report (TAR) for public comment. The existing standards require that all new vehicles improve fuel efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions over time. READ MORE >

Rethink Methane Symposium Highlights Urgent Need for RNG Solutions
Monday, July 18, 2016 | The June 29 Rethink Methane Symposium drove home the urgent need to deal with the roadblocks that impede RNG development and use in California. Methane emissions are an ongoing issue, and air pollution along California’s freight corridors disproportionately harms the health of surrounding communities. The Low Carbon Fuel Standard, a main source of RNG support, is under renewed attack and RNG providers continue to have limited access to the pipeline. READ MORE >

Fueling Low-NOx Engines with RNG Is the Quickest Path to Cleaner Air, Report Shows
Monday, July 18, 2016 | Combining low-NOx engines with RNG may be the ticket to eliminating emissions from California’s public bus system, according to a new draft report from M.J. Bradley & Associates and Ramboll Environ. The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the Advanced Transit Vehicle Consortium commissioned the Zero Emission Bus Options: Analysis of 2015–2055 Fleet Costs and Emissions report, expected to be final this summer. LACMTA, which operates an all-CNG fleet of more than 2,000 buses, must gauge how various low-emission technologies could help it meet CARB’s proposed Zero Emission Bus rule. READ MORE >

SoCalGas Announces Opening of New Compressed Natural Gas Fueling Station in Pico Rivera's Warehouse and Distribution District
Wednesday, July 13, 2016 | Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas), along with local officials, business representatives and employees today marked the opening of a new public compressed natural gas (CNG) station in the heart of Pico Rivera's warehouse and distribution district. The new CNG station extends the network of CNG stations across a key regional goods movement corridor and will provide owners and operators of natural gas-fueled trucks and other vehicles with a new, convenient place to fuel. READ MORE >

Goods Movement Emission Reduction Projects (Proposition 1B Program)
Thursday, June 23, 2016 | On June 3, the SCAQMD released the newest round of Proposition 1B funding. The Proposition 1B Program is administered by a partnership between SCAQMD and the California Air Resources Board to quickly reduce air pollution from freight movement along California's trade corridors. Projects must achieve early or extra emission reductions not otherwise required by law or regulation. READ MORE >

Agility Fuel Systems and Hexagon Composites Announce Merger to Create Agility Fuel Solutions
Monday, June 13, 2016 | Hexagon Composites, the global leader in composite cylinders for natural gas vehicles (NGVs), and Agility Fuel Systems, the leader in natural gas fuel system solutions for commercial vehicles, announced today that the companies will merge Hexagon Composites’ CNG Automotive Products Division, which includes medium- and heavy-duty vehicle composite cylinder manufacturing operations and its bus systems business unit, with Agility to form Agility Fuel Solutions. The new entity will be owned equally by Hexagon Composites and Agility’s current investors. Agility Fuel Solutions will continue to transform the global medium- and heavy-duty vehicle industry with clean fuel technologies. READ MORE >

Clean Energy Introduces Groundbreaking New CleanCNG™ Compressor
Monday, June 13, 2016 | Clean Energy Fuels Corp. (NASDAQ: CLNE), the world’s largest manufacturer of non-lubricated Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) compressors, today introduced the most advanced heavy-duty non-lubricated compressor for the natural gas fueling market. The CleanCNG™, developed by engineers at Clean Energy’s subsidiary Clean Energy Compression in Chilliwack British Columbia, incorporates revolutionary improvements in compressor design and intelligent engineering, resulting in ultra-low vibration and noise in a compressor that is unparalleled in scalability, parts commonality and overall performance. READ MORE >

City of Santa Monica Approves Multi-Year Contract with Clean Energy’s Redeem™; Fuel to Support Deployment of CWI Near-Zero 0.02 NOx Engine
Thursday, June 2, 2016 | Clean Energy Fuels Corp., (NASDAQ: CLNE) announced that the City of Santa Monica has awarded Clean Energy a multiyear liquefied natural gas (LNG) contract to fuel its Big Blue Bus (BBB) fleet of vehicles. The 5-year deal, worth an estimated $3 million per year, will enable BBB to continue using Clean Energy’s Redeem™ brand of renewable natural gas (RNG), rated up to 90 percent cleaner than diesel and considered the cleanest transportation fuel available. BBB began using Redeem™ by Clean Energy in January 2015. READ MORE >

First Draft of Sustainable Freight Action Plan Proposes Three Pilots
Monday, May 23, 2016 | The first draft of the California Sustainable Freight Action Plan, released May 3, provides a framework for transitioning the state’s entire freight system to zero-emission and near-zero-emission technologies by 2050, outlines targets and guiding principles, and proposes three pilot programs. It provides few details on how the interagency committee behind the plan will achieve its goals, however. READ MORE >

Low Carbon Fuel Standard Compliance Rate Nears 100 Percent in 2015
Monday, May 23, 2016 | CARB’s annual report on the state of the Low Carbon Fuel Standard program shows a record-high compliance rate of 98 percent in 2015. The program generated almost 5.5 million credits in the compliance year, which reduced greenhouse gas emissions as much as removing roughly 1 million cars from California’s roads, according to CARB. READ MORE >

Westport Secures CARB Certification for Dedicated CNG Ford Transit Vehicles and F-150 Trucks
Wednesday, May 18, 2016 | Westport Innovations Inc. (TSX:WPT / NASDAQ:WPRT), engineering the world’s most advanced natural gas engines and vehicles, today announced it has received certification from the California Air Resources Board ("CARB") for the dedicated compressed natural gas ("CNG") Westport WiNG™ Power System used in the Ford Transit Cargo Van and Passenger Wagon, and the F-150 truck for Model Year ("MY") 2016. READ MORE >

2016 ACT Expo: We Can Cut Heavy-Duty Truck Emissions Now with Natural Gas
Monday, May 09, 2016 | Natural gas engines for heavy-duty trucks stole the show at this year’s Alternative Clean Transportation Expo, where more than 3,000 attendees investigated alternative fuels and clean transportation technologies. With a shiny red Cummins Westport ISL G Near Zero NOx engine on display in the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center May 2–5, ACT Expo organizer Gladstein, Neandross & Associates illustrated how heavy-duty truck fleets can cut emissions today. READ MORE >

SoCalGas CEO Highlights Game-Changing Natural Gas Technology
Thursday, May 05, 2016 | SoCalGas President and CEO Dennis Arriola will speak at ACT Expo in Long Beach today on the findings of a newly released technical paper that concludes only one solution exists to immediately transform the heavy-duty transportation sector to affordably cut smog-forming pollutants and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. READ MORE >

State Issues Draft Plan for Freight System of the Future
Tuesday, May 03, 2016 | State agency leaders today released the Draft California Sustainable Freight Action Plan, an ambitious document that lays a foundation for modernizing California’s multi-billion dollar freight transportation system. READ MORE >

Clean Energy Secures Contract to Provide LNG to Hawaii Gas; Signs Additional Agreements in Trucking, Transit and Refuse Markets
Monday, May 02, 2016 | Clean Energy Fuels Corp., (NASDAQ: CLNE) announced that it has secured a contract to provide Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) to Hawaii Gas, the State of Hawaii’s only franchised gas utility. The agreement is consistent with the state’s intent to reduce its reliance on imported crude oil, using a cleaner and more economical fuel. READ MORE >

CARB Proposes Historic Funding for Low-Carbon Heavy-Duty Vehicles
Monday, April 11, 2016 | CARB is proposing record funding for heavy-duty trucks in its 2016–17 Low Carbon Transportation and Fuels Investments budget which proposes allocating $175 million for zero- and near-zero-emission heavy-duty vehicle projects, including incentives for new low-NOx trucks and buses. CARB is also launching a $40 million very low-carbon fuel production incentive program. The plan calls for providing as much as $15,000 per engine to cover incremental purchase and installation costs relative to a conventional natural gas engine. The incentives would cover approximately 1,500 low-NOx natural gas engines. READ MORE >

Clean Energy CEO Strongly Supports Senator Inhofe letter to EPA
Friday, March 18, 2016 | Clean Energy Fuels Corp., (NASDAQ: CLNE) CEO Andrew J. Littlefair today gave his strong support to Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) and the letter he delivered to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, detailing how the EPA should incorporate natural gas vehicles into remediation efforts when investigating the Volkswagen diesel emissions issue. READ MORE >

Matheson Trucking Focuses on Clean Energy with 37 CNG/LNG Tractors
Thursday, March 17, 2016 | Matheson Trucking, Inc., a U.S. freight company and contracted provider to United States Postal Service, has added 37 natural gas powered tractors to its fleet as part of a companywide clean energy expansion program designed to improve air quality, lower greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) and to decrease diesel fuel consumption on routes served by the Matheson Postal Services Division. READ MORE >

California Clean Vehicle Rebate Project increases incentives for low- and moderate-income drivers
Tuesday, March 15, 2016 | In order to make clean vehicles more accessible to a greater number of California drivers, especially in communities that are highly impacted by air pollution, the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP) is implementing increased incentive levels for low- and moderate-income consumers and high-income eligibility caps. The California Air Resources Board approved the changes in June 2015, as directed by the Charge Ahead California Initiative established by Senate Bill 1275 (De León). They will apply statewide to vehicle purchases or leases effective March 29, 2016. READ MORE >

Agility Awarded New CNG Fuel Systems Contract from UPS
Tuesday, March 15, 2016 | "Agility Fuel Systems, the leading designer and producer of natural gas fuel storage and delivery systems for heavy duty trucks and buses, announced today that UPS has ordered Agility’s new Behind-the-Cab CNG fuel systems for delivery in the third quarter of 2016. UPS has led the industry in the adoption of natural gas in heavy duty on-road trucking and, with this new order, will be operating over 1,700 heavy duty trucks equipped with Agility natural gas fuel systems." READ MORE >

CARB Proposes LCFS Monitoring Regulation
Monday, March 14, 2016 | CARB also released pathway certification updates, noting that it has received more than 400 new and recertification Tier 1 and Tier 2 pathway applications since November. Staff are reviewing and releasing applications in batches by fuel type to avoid giving any one company a competitive advantage. The anticipated pathway release date for applications is Sept. 30 for CNG and LNG. CARB will schedule additional workshops before the release dates. READ MORE >

SCAQMD to Petition U.S. EPA to Adopt Lower Emission Standard for Heavy-Duty Engines
Thursday, March 10, 2016 | “Heavy-duty trucks are the No. 1 source of smog-forming emissions in our region,” said William A. Burke, Ed.D., chairman of the South Coast Air Quality Management District. “We must have tougher nationwide emission standards for trucks in order to achieve federally mandated clean air goals.” READ MORE >

Clean Energy’s Redeem™ Sales More than Doubles in 2015; Growth Should Continue with Expansion into Additional States
Wednesday, February 10, 2016 | Clean Energy Fuels Corp., announced that sales of Redeem™, its renewable natural gas (RNG) vehicle fuel offering, more than doubled in 2015 to 50 million gasoline gallon equivalents (GGEs) from 20 million GGEs in 2014. Redeem™ sales have expanded from Clean Energy public-access stations in California, to become the contracted fuel choice of customers like UPS, Republic Services, the City of Santa Monica’s Big Blue Bus, the University of California San Diego and others. READ MORE »

Cleaning Up California’s Freight System
Thursday, February 04, 2016 | California has struggled for years with the challenges of moving goods without damaging human health. Our state’s massive freight system generates huge revenues and creates many jobs, but the ships, trucks, and trains carrying our stuff also spew excessive amounts of toxic diesel exhaust that causes heart and lung disease, premature death, and global warming, in addition to imposing noise, accidents and other burdens on the mostly lower-income communities of color that are hosts to ports, freeways, rail-yards and warehouses. READ MORE »

Westport Secures EPA Certification for the Dedicated CNG and Bi-fuel CNG Ford F-150
Tuesday, January 19, 2016 | Westport has received certification from the EPA for the dedicated CNG and bi-fuel CNG Westport WiNG™ Power System models of the Ford 5.0L F-150 trucks for model year 2016. READ MORE »

Westport and Volvo Car Belux Launch Bi-Fuel Volvo V60 in Belgium and Luxembourg
Tuesday, January 12, 2016 | Westport launches Bi-Fuel Volvo cars in Belgium and Luxembourg in connection with Volvo Car Belux. Unveiled for the Belgium market today at the 94th European Motor Show in Brussels, the 2016 Volvo V60 Bi-Fuel car will be available for order at participating Volvo dealers in the region from January 2016. READ MORE »

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