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Infrastructure Program

The CNGVP's Infrastructure Program dedicates its resources to evaluating and anticipating current as well as future natural gas fueling requirements throughout California and beyond, and expanding the infrastructure to meet those needs. To achieve these objectives, program participants will:

  • Identify the number, locations and public accessibility of existing and planned CNG, LNG, and L/CNG infrastructure in California.
  • Identify gaps in the existing infrastructure and determine the types and sizes of infrastructure needed in those areas.
  • Determine the supply and pricing of CNG and LNG fuels and the implications and costs of their future availability where current gaps exist.
  • Coordinate efforts — based on 3-, 5- and 10-year targets — with Outreach and Deployment Programs to determine the volume of additional CNG and LNG to be dispensed per year.
  • Initiate a program with major stakeholders to improve ease of equipment use and implement a universal card-reader on existing technology.
  • Initiate a program to expand infrastructure and available fuel supply in areas with the greatest potential for vehicle deployment.
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