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Platform Development Program

The California Natural Gas Vehicle Partnership has organized a program to spearhead the development and demonstration of NGV platforms and engines. This program strives to accomplish specific tasks in promoting the wide-spread adoption of NGV platforms. As part of their objectives, program participants will:

  • Identify the availability of chassis and NGVs, including heavy- and medium-duty school buses, transit buses, trucks, off-road vehicles and passenger cars.
  • Identify the current platform development and demonstration efforts needed to achieve the goal of 0.2 g/bhp-hr NOx emissions by 2007.
  • Identify the optimum natural gas engine horsepowers and additional platform development to compete with diesel engines
  • Initiate engine and platform development programs with stakeholders to integrate natural gas engines into medium- and heavy-duty platforms.
  • Complete and submit ongoing reporting on all R&D projects.
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