Funding & Incentives

On behalf of our dedicated stakeholders, we have identified the following federal, state, and local incentive programs that are currently available to assist fleet operators in the deployment of natural gas vehicles and infrastructure development. As the landscape of funding opportunities for these types of projects is ever-changing in California, please contact us at for more information on how to apply for and potentially receive grant awards.

Program NameFunding AgencyTotal Funding AvailablePer Vehicle Funding IncentivesApplication DeadlineAdditional Details
AVAQMD AB 923 FundsAntelope Valley Air Quality Management District$150,000No maximum establishedFirst-come, first-servedVehicles/engines must operate within CA 75% of the time, and within AVAQMD for at least 50% of the time.
AVAQMD Carl Moyer Memorial Air Quality Standards Attainment Program (Carl Moyer Program)
Antelope Valley Air Quality Management District$680,000$100,000Open on an ongoing basisVehicles/engines must operate within CA 75% of the time, and within AVAQMD for at least 50% of the time.
BAAQMD Carl Moyer Memorial Air Quality Standards Attainment Program (Carl Moyer Program) + Voucher Incentive Program (VIP)
Bay Area Air Quality Management District$42,000,000Funds are awarded based on cost-effectiveness up to $30,000 per ton of weighted emission reductions for diesel and $100,000 for near zero and zero emission. Funding limits vary depending on project and technology type.First-come, first-served. Community Health Protection Program funding allocation deadline is June 30, 2021.To be eligible for Health Protection Grant funds, equipment must operate in the 880/80 or Refinery Corridors.
CARB Supplemental Environmental Projects
California Air Resources BoardApproximately $4 million each yearNo max establishedFirst-come, first-servedProjects can either be designed by a violator or chosen from a list of CARB-approved projects. This project is known for funding clean school buses.
California VW Program for Combustion Freight and Marine 2021California Air Resources BoardAt least $26 million will be available.$1,350,000 First-come, first-servedOnly trucks with internal combustion engine model years 1992 to 2012 that are compliant with current regulations at the time of application and pre-Tier 3 equipment are eligible for replacement. Projects must be cost-effective, of the Carl Moyer Program calculation methodology will be utilized.
2021 Port Infrastructure Development GrantDepartment of Transportation - Maritime Administration$230 millionNot ApplicableJuly 30, 2021 by 5:00pm EDTProjects must either be located at facilities within or connecting to coastal seaports, inland river ports, and Great Lakes ports.
EKAPCD Carl Moyer Program
Eastern Kern Air Pollution Control DistrictNot SpecifiedUp to 80% of vehicle costs, but not more than $100,000 per applicantFirst-come, first-servedFunding is based on eligibility and cost-effectiveness of the project which is determined by engine/equipment type, hours of operation, and project life.
EKAPCD 2020 DMV Grant Voucher Program
Eastern Kern Air Pollution Control District (EKAPCD)No max established$4,000First-come, first-servedVouchers are valid six months from issuance date.
2021 ICAPCD Carl Moyer Off-Road Equipment Replacement ProgramImperial County Air Pollution Control DistrictNot specified$90,000 or 60% of eligible costs, whichever is lower
Open on a first-come, first served basis
Northern Sonoma Carl Moyer ProgramNorthern Sonoma Air Pollution Control District (APCD)Not specifiedUp to 85% replacement cost
Wait List; funds are fully committed
Ports of Los Angeles and Long BeachPorts of Los Angeles and Long Beach$3 million ($1.5 million from each Port annually)Up to 50% of costsConcept papers are being considered on a first-come, first-served basis. Some applicants will be invited to submit full applications.
San Joaquin - Truck Replacement Program San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control DistrictNo max established; funding will be added throughout the yearUp to $100,000 per new vehicleFirst-come, first-servedOld vehicle must have operated at least 75% in CA and 50% in SJVAPCD for past 2 years; New vehicle must operate 90-100% in CA and 50% in SJVAPCD.
San Joaquin Public Benefit Grants Program - New Alternative Fuel Vehicle PurchaseSan Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District$8,000,000$20,000First-come, first-servedFunding is limited to light- and medium-duty vehicles
SLO County APCD Alt Fuel and Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program
San Luis Obispo Air Pollution Control District$117,000Up to 65% of eligible costsFirst-come, first-servedThe new equipment must remain in service for the project life and must be in SLO County
Shasta County 2020 Carl Moyer Off-Road ProgramShasta County Air Quality Management DistrictPending agency intel$75,000First-come, first-served
SCAQMD Clean Fuels Program
South Coast Air Quality Management DistrictApproximately $8 million50%First-come, first-servedAwards are generally limited to $1 million or less per project.
SCAQMD Truck Trade Down ProgramSouth Coast Air Quality Management District$4,000,000 $100,000; Fleets with MY 2014+ sell their truck to a participating dealer, sale price is capped at $25,000. Fleets with MY 2007-2009 trucks purchase used MY 2014+ trucks at a capped price of $30,000 from participating dealers.First-come, first-servedOwn and operate this vehicle at least 75 percent of the time within California for a minimum of 60 months from the delivery date or 500,000 miles, whichever comes first.
SCAQMD Voucher Incentive Program (VIP) (small fleets)South Coast Air Quality Management District$4,275,655$10,000 to $100,000.First-come, first-servedParticipants must operate the vehicle at least 75% of the time within California for three years and allow the Air Resources Board to verify registration and inspect the vehicle for three years. 10 vouchers per applicant.
Tuolumne County APCD Carl Moyer ProgramTuolumne County Air Pollution Control District
$200,000 per yearNo maximum establishedFirst-come, first-servedFunded projects must have at least 75 percent of their total activity for the project life in California.
Title 17 Federal Loan Guarantees for Renewable Energy Projects and Energy Efficient Projects
U.S. Department of Energy$4.5 billionNo max establishedJanuary 12, 2022 by 3pm ETApplication must include a report containing an analysis of the potential environmental impacts of the Project that will assist DOE in assessing whether the Project will comply with all applicable environmental requirements.
Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing IncentivesU.S. Department of EnergyAbout $9.76 billion in remaining loan authority, as of 2019Not applicableUntil funds are exhaustedOperational requirements vary based on type of project (e.g. factory construction).
FY 2021 Public Transportation on Indian Reservations Program (Tribal Transit Program (TTP))U.S. Department of Transportation$10,000,00090% of project costs.August 25, 2021 by 11:59 pm E.T.Applicants must be located and provide service in a rural area with a population of 50,000 or less. A service area can include some portions of urban areas, as long as the tribal transit service begins in and serves rural areas.
Renewable Fuel Standard Program (RFS) and Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs)U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)No maximum is establishedNot applicableRINS may be carried forward to the next compliance year (March 31st deadline).
FY 2021 Voluntary Airport Low Emission Program Airport Improvement Program U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)$10,000,00090% of eligible costsPre-applications are due annually on November 1st by 5pm for AIP; PFC applications may be submitted at anytime.Airports must be in areas that do not meet Federal air quality standards (i.e., non-attainment or maintenance). Equipment being replaced must be relocated to an area that does not have air quality issues (i.e. not a EPA non-attainment or maintenance area) or scrapped.
Alternative Fuel Excise Tax CreditU.S. Internal Revenue ServiceNo maximum is establishedA tax credit in the amount of $0.50 per gallon is available.This tax credit is applicable through December 31st, 2021.The incentive must first be taken as a credit against the entity's alternative fuel tax liability; any excess over this fuel tax liability may be claimed as a direct payment from the IRS
Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Tax CreditU.S. Internal Revenue ServiceNo maximum is established30% of the cost of fueling equipment.This tax credit applicable through the end of 2021.The incentive must be taken as a credit against the entity's tax liability. Unused credits that qualify as general business tax credits, as defined by the Internal Revenue Service, may be carried backward one year and carried forward 20 years.
Alternative Fuel Tax ExemptionU.S. Internal Revenue ServiceNo maximum is establishedNo max establishedOpen on an ongoing basis
VCAPCD Clean Air Fund
Ventura County Air Pollution Control District$25,000-$30,000No max establishedFirst-come, first-servedThis program follows Carl Moyer guidelines.