Game Changing Combination

Expeditious action is needed to reduce smog-forming emissions from heavy-duty vehicles (HDV) to restore healthful air quality—as is legally required under the federal Clean Air Act—for approximately 125 million Americans who reside in areas with exceedingly poor air quality. At the same time, to combat global climate change, the United States must aggressively reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the heavy-duty sector, which are the fastest growing segment of US transportation for energy use and emissions.
In May 2016, a groundbreaking technical report, “Game Changer: Next Generation Heavy-Duty Natural Gas Engines Fueled by Renewable Natural Gas,” was published that explores the need—and leading approaches—to immediately start deploying zero emission and near-zero emission heavy-duty vehicle technologies on a wide scale basis in the United States.

In evaluating the possible fuel-technology platforms that can achieve zero and near-zero emissions, ultra-low emission heavy-duty natural gas vehicles fueled by low-carbon renewable natural gas are the only fully commercial option available today. The graphic below compares the impacts of a hypothetical investment of $500 million in government incentive funds in natural gas, battery electric and fuel cell trucks.

Criteria pollutant calculations are based on emissions and vehicle activity data from CARB EMFAC 2014. Weighted emissions = NOx + 20 × PM10 = ROG.
GHG emissions are based on illustrative fuel pathways calculated by CARB Staff using CA-GREET 2.0.
Incentive amounts are based on the incremental purchase cost of advanced HD short haul trucks over a baseline diesel truck. The cost e‑effectiveness calculation uses Moyer program capital recovery factors based on typical retention period of first owner.

Game Changer Whitepaper

To learn more about this game changing technology-fuel platform that can immediately transform our heavy-duty transportation sector and address important air quality goals, read the Game Changer Technical Whitepaper using the links below.

Download Executive Summary | Download Full Report

The Game Changer Technical Whitepaper was authored by Gladstein, Neandross & Associates, on behalf of a number of public and private sector sponsors, including Agility Fuel Systems, the American Gas Association, the California Natural Gas Vehicle Partnership, Clean Energy, Pacific Gas & Electric Company, the South Coast Air Quality Management District and the Southern California Gas Company. The final report was published in May 2016.