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| Heavy Duty Trucking

September 19, 2023

Upgrading Refuse Fleets to CNG: Three Considerations Beyond Economics

Collage of CNG refuse trucks

Refuse fleets are one of the fastest growing markets for compressed natural gas, primarily because of the significant fuel cost savings that can be realized. The Natural Gas Vehicle Institute offers key factors refuse fleets need to examine when considering upgrading to CNG.

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| Cummins

September 19, 2023

The Total Cost of Using Natural Gas Engines

Stacks of coins with plants growing out of them.

Switching to natural gas vehicles can be a great way for commercial vehicle fleets to save money. With lower fuel expenses and reduced maintenance costs on after-treatment systems, natural gas is an attractive and economical fuel choice for many applications.

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| NGT News

September 18, 2023

Flix Looking to Deploy 50 LNG Motor Coaches

Gray LNG transit bus on the road

Flix, a transportation company that operates Europe’s largest long-distance bus network and is in the midst of an expansion into the U.S. and Canada, has formed a partnership with OEM Scania to accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility. Among the companies’ strategies is a project to deploy up to 50 liquefied natural gas coaches among Flix’s bus partners.

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| NGT News

September 18, 2023

Cummins Natural Gas Engine Paired with Hypertruck ERX Gets CARB Nod

White and green Class 8 truck powered by natural gas generator.

Hypertruck ERX-equipped vehicles qualify as a near zero emission vehicle (NZEV) under both CARB Advanced Clean Truck (ACT) and Advanced Clean Fleet (ACF) rulings.

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| Cummins

September 13, 2023

Maintaining and Servicing Commercial Natural Gas Engines

The wheels of two side by side heavy duty natural gas trucks

A look into the world of natural gas engine maintenance and service and insights into the unique requirements and best practices for keeping natural gas engines running smoothly.

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| Heavy Duty Trucking

September 11, 2023

Shell’s Starship Gets a New Warp Drive

Shell Starship heavy duty truck at ACT Expo

After making two successful, coast-to-coast, evaluation runs with a Cummins X-15 diesel engine, the Starship is being refitted with a new, Cummins X15N compressed natural gas engine. Soon, the truck will once again be on America’s highways, giving Cummins and Shell engineers a first-hand look at the potential for this new engine and compressed natural gas as a long-haul fleet fuel.

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| Los Angeles Daily News

August 14, 2023

LADWP adds 8 natural gas tree-trimming trucks to fleet

compressed natural gas aerial boom trucks that the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has added to its fleet thanks to a state grant

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has added eight compressed natural gas aerial boom trucks to its fleet, which will be used for tree trimming operations. Replacing LADWP’s older diesel-powered aerial boom trucks with alternative-fuel vehicles will help significantly reduce air emissions.

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| NGT News

July 26, 2023

Refuse Fleet Purchasing Hexagon Agility Modules for Mobile Natural Gas Refueling

Hexagon Agility Modules, trailer filled with pipes

Hexagon Agility has received orders for Mobile Pipeline modules and renewable natural gas fuel systems from a major refuse fleet in North America. The modules will be used in mobile refueling of the company’s growing fleet of natural gas vehicles.

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| Waste360

July 25, 2023

RNG for Transportation Sees Uptick: Part 2

White RNG powered refuse truck.

With tightening environmental regulations and a drive to reach corporate sustainability goals, fleet owners are turning to RNG. In Part 2 David King, product manager Spark Ignited Engines, Cummins, discusses Cummins’ latest model, soon to roll to market; he projects what the upgrade could mean for refuse fleets.

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| S&P Global Commodity Insights

July 24, 2023

Renewable natural gas and hydrogen: fuels of the future for transportation decarbonization

Green background with a white letters RNG in a diamond

As a mounting number of companies commit to various decarbonization solutions, renewable natural gas could play an increasingly important role in the transportation sector – both as an outright replacement for diesel and gasoline and as the feedstock for bioproducts used in high-emissions, difficult to abate sectors.

Use as a feedstock in the development of bioproducts such as biohydrogen represents an emerging source of demand for RNG. Bioproducts will play a critical role in enabling the transportation industries’ transition to a low-carbon future, yet challenges such as high costs, limited supply and regulatory uncertainty must be addressed for widespread adoption.

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| Waste360

July 24, 2023

RNG for Transportation Sees Uptick: Part 1

White, RNG powered refuse hauler.

With tightening environmental regulations and a drive to reach corporate sustainability goals, fleet owners are turning to renewable natural gas.  This two-part series explores benefits of RNG, evolving markets, and evolving engines powered by this low- to zero- carbon fuel.

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| Transport Topics

July 14, 2023

Natural Gas Truck Engines Could Reduce Fuel, Maintenance

Red Cummins engine , the Cummins logo and the Future of Natural Gas Power

By the middle of next year, Cummins will be offering a full-size truck engine that runs on natural gas called the X15N. Cummins Inc. has been a pioneer in providing spark-ignited natural gas engines for trucks beginning with the ISX12N engine, originally modified by Westport Fuel Systems to run on natural gas. Cummins and Westport established a joint venture that provided the system for Cummins engines, and the engine manufacturer now owns that venture and its patents.

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| California Renewable Transportation Alliance

July 12, 2023

RNG: A Proven Solution for Decarbonizing California’s Transportation Sector

infographic about carbon free fueling

Aggressive goals to decarbonized transportation over the next decade will only be achieved by prioritizing the transition of heavy-polluting, high mileage commercial fleets to cost-effective, carbon-negative solutions like RNG fueled trucks. These trucks are commercially available now, accruing and compounding significant clean air and carbon reductions today.

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| NGT News

July 1, 2023

UPS Buying More Natural Gas Fuel Systems from Hexagon Agility

UPS has signed a follow-on order with Hexagon Agility totaling approximately $20 million for the delivery of natural gas fuel systems for heavy- and medium-duty trucks.

This new order is in addition to one placed in February; both are a part of a master services agreement that UPS and Hexagon Agility signed in October 2019

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| California Renewable Transportation Alliance

July 1, 2023

Advanced Clean Fleets: What You Need to Know About Your CNG Trucks

Thumbnail of a fact sheet on CARB's ACF rule.

Did you know that CNG trucks can still be used and purchased under the recently approved California Advanced Clean Fleets (ACF) regulation? It’s true. There are several options that support continued and new CNG investments.

The ACF is the most comprehensive regulation by the California Air Resources Board in years and consequently, it can be somewhat challenging to navigate. No surprise that many fleets have questions about how to comply and what the new rule means for CNG.


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| NGT News

June 28, 2023

Slew of Natural Gas Vehicle Projects Receive Major Federal Funding

Yellow CNG transit bus

NGVAmerica says the Biden administration has awarded more than $230 million to compressed natural gas transit bus projects, with another $44 million being granted to transit agency projects that feature at least a portion of CNG bus and refueling infrastructure deployment.

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| Waste Today

June 28, 2023

Montauk Renewables plans RNG facility in Irvine, California

RNG facility in Irvine

Montauk Renewables Inc. plans to develop a renewable natural gas landfill gas project in Irvine, California, at the Frank R. Bowerman Landfill.

After approval of the required environmental review, this project will be the second landfill gas-to-energy project developed by Montauk Renewables in Orange County and will complement the 20-megawatt renewable electric generation facility commissioned in 2016. The RNG facility would process the increasing volumes of biogas exceeding the existing capacity of the renewable electric generation facility.

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| NGVAmerica

June 27, 2023

Biden administration announces over $233.76 million in CNG transit investments

NGVAmerica announced that over $233.76 million has been awarded by the Biden administration to CNG bus transit projects across the country. Another $44.37 million went to transit agencies where at least a portion will be spent on CNG buses and infrastructure.

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| Cummins Inc.

June 20, 2023

How landfills are decarbonizing commercial transportation

anaerobic digesters at a landfill

Commercial fleets are increasingly moving toward alternative fuels to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Renewable natural gas (RNG) has enormous potential to help the transportation industry come closer to carbon neutrality. So, how do landfills play a role in this decarbonization journey?

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| Natural Gas Vehicle Institute

June 15, 2023

Valvoline-NGVi Partnership Presents 10 Technicians With Free Heavy-Duty Training

Natural Gas Vehicle Institute logo

Ten lucky vehicle technicians were recently awarded free heavy-duty natural gas vehicle training thanks to a Valvoline-NGVi partnership raffle. The raffle took place last month at Valvoline’s booth during the ACT Expo in Anaheim, California.  They now have the opportunity to build on their previous natural gas experience by participating in NGVi’s heavy-duty NGV e-learning, an on-demand course that will teach them about the best diagnostics tools and procedures for natural gas fuel systems and engine maintenance and repair.

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| ACT News

June 13, 2023

Field Trials for a Sustainable Fuel Paired with a Game-Changing Engine

two Trillium CNG fuel pumps

As pioneers in the renewable energy sector, Trillium Energy Solutions is providing solutions for innovative fleets operating across the country. In this spirit, Trillium recently announced that it is supplying RNG to Werner Enterprises, a truckload transportation and logistics service provider, for field trials of the new Cummins X15N engine in two states. 

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| NGT News

June 9, 2023

Clean Energy Fuels Signs a Dozen Natural Gas Refueling, Maintenance Contracts

Big Blue Bus in Santa Monica, Calif.,

Clean Energy Fuels Corp. recently completed a number of natural gas fuel deals with notable transit agencies and companies to provide RNG. Long-time customer and an early adopter of RNG, the Big Blue Bus in Santa Monica, Calif., has signed a maintenance agreement for its fleet of 195 transit buses that fuels with an anticipated 7.5 million gallons of RNG.

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| Biomass Magazine

June 6, 2023

California fleets fueled with bio-CNG achieve carbon negativity

Natural Gas Vehicles for America and the Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas – with partners California Natural Gas Vehicle Partnership and California Renewable Transportation Alliance – announced that California fleets fueled with bio-CNG achieved carbon-negativity in their transportation operations last calendar year for the third straight year.

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| Commercial Carrier Journal

May 26, 2023

Carbon negative bio-LNG could gain traction in the U.S.

Natural gas powered Mack Truck on display at ACT Expo

Internal combustion still got game. Hexagon Agility displayed UPS’ Mack truck which runs on renewable natural gas at this year’s ACT Expo.  Internal combustion (IC) examples are few and far between though experts, including those at Cummins, see clean-running IC powertrains playing a critical role on the long path to zero emissions. Bio liquified natural gas (LNG) may get some additional use in the U.S. as fleets push to cut emissions but it’s expected to be an uphill climb given a lack of infrastructure. Hexagon reports that its bio LNG Cryoshelter parked interest in both U.S. and European fleets.

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| Fleet News Daily

May 23, 2023

Trillium Energy Solutions to fuel Werner Enterprises field trials for new Cummins 15-liter natural gas engine

Werner natural gas truck fueling with RNG at a Trillium station.

Trillium Energy Solutions, a member of the Love’s Family of Companies, will supply Werner Enterprises with RNG to fuel the 15-liter Cummins natural gas engine as part of field trials of the new Cummins X15N engine in North America. As the exclusive RNG fueling supplier for Werner during trials to validate commercial production of the engine, Trillium will fuel Werner’s Peterbilt Model 579 field trial truck powered by the Cummins X15N natural gas engine with RNG from its Omaha, Nebraska and Rockford, Illinois stations.

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| FleetOwner

May 22, 2023

Trillium to fuel Werner on Cummins X15N engine field testing

Trillium Energy Solutions, a member of Love’s Family of Companies, will supply Werner Enterprises with renewable natural gas (RNG) as part of field trials of the new Cummins X15N engine, the manufacturer’s 15-liter natural gas engine.

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| KCRA Channel 3

May 17, 2023

Roseville addressing climate change by using wastewater to fuel garbage trucks

Man in yellow safety vest fuels a refuse truck with RNG

In a move it is calling a “revolutionary waste to fuel” project, the city of Roseville, California is working to turn organic wastewater into renewable natural gas.

The move is aimed at powering its fleet of 14 RNG-powered garbage trucks and reducing its carbon footprint.

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| NGT News

May 15, 2023

bp Wraps Up TravelCenters Acquisition; Spotlight on EVs, Biofuels and RNG

Vehicles fueling at a BP station.

BP Products North America Inc. has completed its $1.3 billion acquisition of TravelCenters of America Inc., marking a milestone for the U.S. in the growth of bp’s strategic convenience and mobility business. By integrating bp pulse, its fast-growing EV charging business, along with biofuels and renewable natural gas businesses – and in time, hydrogen – BP plans to help America’s vital fleets and logistics companies decarbonize.

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| Heavy Duty Trucking

May 14, 2023

Mack Granite Available with CNG Engine

Mack CNG powered truck

Mack Trucks announced that a natural-gas-powered Mack Granite is now available, featuring a 320-hp Cummins L9N engine matched with an Allison 4500 fully automatic 6-speed transmission. The model is expected to appeal to waste customers that want an alternative-fuel solution or that generate their own fuel, such as renewable natural gas from landfill waste.

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| Commercial Carrier Journal

May 14, 2023

Walmart ‘betting big’ on Cummins new X15N natural gas engine

Walmart truck with Cummins X15N on display at ACT Expo

Unlike other trucks in ACT Expo’s Ride and Drive, Walmart did not haul its truck to last week’s event but instead was able to drive the truck with Cummins new X15N natural gas engine from Indiana to Anaheim, California thanks to access to compressed natural gas stations along the way. “That says a lot,” said Cummins manager of global regulatory affairs Tom Swenson.

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