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March 16, 2023

EPA 2027 and Beyond: How Will New Low-NOx Rules Affect Fleets?

Engine in a factory.

The trucking industry is approaching a fork in the road. Within the next 12 to 18 months, fleets looking to place orders for new trucks or fleet renewals will have to decide whether to look at some form of propulsion other than diesel or take a chance on diesel trucks equipped with new emissions-reduction technologies.

So, if electrification isn’t a realistic option right now, what is? Hydrogen faces at least as long an uptake period as battery-electric, likely longer. Which leaves natural gas.

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| NGT News

February 20, 2023

UPS Procuring Additional Natural Gas Fuel Systems from Hexagon Agility

UPS truck being fueled by natural gas by worker wearing safety vest

Hexagon Agility has received new 2023 orders totaling $19 million for the delivery of renewable natural gas (RNG)/compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel systems for UPS heavy-duty trucks. This deal is in addition to the $25.6 million of previously announced orders from April 2022. Deliveries of the new orders will commence in the first quarter.

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| NGT News

February 15, 2023

Updated Natural Gas Vehicle Codes and Standards List Now Available

NGVAmerica has updated its master list of compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) codes and standards for natural gas vehicles. The list is available to NGVAmerica members via the association’s portal.

The list includes the document designation, description, country accreditation and status for every CNG and LNG vehicle standard maintained by CSA, ISO, CGA, NFPA, SAE, UNECE, ASTM, FMVSS and CMVSS, as well as any state-specific vehicle safety standards and codes that exist.

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| ABC News

February 12, 2023

PG&E capturing methane from CA dairies as new source for natural renewable energy

RNG processing plant

It might not be the hike most people would take. But turns out, climbing a giant pile of cow manure can offer a stunning view of California’s energy future.

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| FreightWaves

February 8, 2023

A clean fuel alternative for heavy-duty trucks in the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach

Blue natural gas heavy-duty truck

Chevron Corporation and Clean Energy Fuels Corp. in 2021 expanded their joint Adopt-a-Port initiative, which provides truck fleet operators and owners serving the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach with cleaner, carbon-negative RNG to reduce emissions. Chevron has committed $28 million in funding to the program that allows truck operators to subsidize the cost of buying new or converting to natural gas trucks. Clean Energy, meanwhile, manages the program, including offering fueling services for qualified truck operators.

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| California Renewable Transportation Alliance

February 7, 2023

Introducing CRTA!

California Renewable Transportation Alliance logo

The California Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition is now the California Renewable Transportation Alliance – CRTA.  The change is in response to the organization’s expanded focus on the use of renewable fuels to reduce trucking emissions. We can experience the future today through the increased use of renewable transportation fuels.

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| Waste Dive

February 1, 2023

WM boosts planned MRF and RNG spending by $590M, sees signs of inflation easing

Waste Management logo

WM is raising planned RNG project spending to $1.215 billion by 2026, for a new total of 20 planned projects due to the increasingly-favorable market for RNG, including a boost from the Inflation Reduction Act and related federal policies.

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| NGT News

February 1, 2023

Natural Gas Vehicle Institute Secures ASE Accreditation

Natural Gas Vehicle Institute logo

The Natural Gas Vehicle Institute (NGVi) has successfully met the requirements for accreditation from the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence for the 11th year in a row.

Established 30 years ago, NGVi focuses on training programs for natural gas vehicles and fueling stations, as well as CNG fuel system inspector certification. To date, NGVi has trained over 25,000 technicians/technical professionals and certified over 2,000 CNG fuel system inspectors.

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| NGT News

January 30, 2023

DOT Supporting Fleet Modernization, Clean Bus Transit Bus Deployment with $1.7 Billion

US Capitol Dome

FTA’s Low or No Emission (Low-No) Program helps transit agencies buy or lease U.S.-built zero-emission and low-emission transit buses along with charging equipment and supporting facilities. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law provides $5.5 billion over five years for the program – more than six times greater than the previous 5 years of funding.

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| Tri-State Neighbor

January 30, 2023

Fuel from the farm: Dairy farms a growing source of renewable fuel

Four anaerobic digesters sit between two dairies north of Beresford, S.D. They use manure from 15,000 cows to make biogas for natural gas fleet vehicles in California. The farmer gets paid and the facility owners, DTE Vantage, make money off of renewable fuel credits.

Cows in southeastern South Dakota are powering vehicles in California. Four anaerobic digesters sit between two dairies north of Beresford, S.D. They use manure from 15,000 cows to make biogas for natural gas fleet vehicles in California. The farmer gets paid and the facility owners, DTE Vantage, make money off of renewable fuel credits.

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| ACT News

January 25, 2023

Can Fleets Expect CNG Infrastructure to Grow in 2023?

Two natural gas school buses fueling at a Trillium CNG station.

CNG infrastructure catering to heavy-duty vehicles is continuing to grow in parallel with the increase in natural gas trucks.

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| NGT News

January 24, 2023

San Diego MTS Selects Clean Energy to Supply RNG for Bus Fleet

Red and white CNG transit bus

San Diego Metropolitan Transit System has chosen Clean Energy Fuels to provide an expected 86 million gallons of renewable natural gas to operate its bus fleet. MTS serves the San Diego metropolitan area with a fleet of 764 buses, of which 595 run on RNG, that fuel at four private transit stations. By operating on RNG instead of diesel, it is anticipated that the fleet will reduce 73,972 metric tons of carbon dioxide.

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| Cummins Inc.

January 24, 2023

Natural gas is well-positioned to fuel vehicles for today’s energy transition

Arial view of a heavy duty truck on a highway.

Natural gas powers more than 175,000 vehicles in the United States and 23 million vehicles worldwide. It’s an ideal alternative to gasoline and diesel for heavy and medium-duty applications.  Natural gas engines provide horsepower, acceleration, and cruise speed comparable to conventional fossil fuel engines and can help fleets lower their total transportation emissions and operating costs without major disruptions to their day-to-day operations.


| NGT News

January 18, 2023

Natural Gas Vehicles, EVs Highlight Frito-Lay Facility Upgrades

Volvo VNL compressed natural gas tractors are fueled at a nearby, public-access CNG fueling station.

Frito-Lay says it is wrapping up a major initiative at its Modesto, Calif., facility focused on implementing alternative fuel vehicles, electric vehicle charging stations, renewable energy generation and energy storage equipment. The Modesto site is one of the largest Frito-Lay manufacturing facilities in the U.S., at 500,000 square feet, sitting on 80 acres and employing more than 1,100 associates.

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| Heavy Duty Trucking

January 18, 2023

Frito-Lay Turns California Facility into Sustainability Showcase

Volvo VNL compressed natural gas tractors are fueled at a nearby, public-access CNG fueling station.

Modesto is the first Frito-Lay, a division of PepsiCo, manufacturing facility to implement site-wide alternative fuel vehicles. The PepsiCo and Frito-Lay fleet includes 38 Volvo VNL compressed natural gas (CNG) tractors fueled by CNG with RNG attributes from a nearby, public access CNG fueling station.

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| Inside Logistics

January 9, 2023

Amazon bumps up RNG capacity with new fuelling station

Chart of CO2 emissions reduced at Clean Energy's Romeoville station

Clean Energy Fuels Corp.’s new RNG station will provide an anticipated 1.4 million gallons of the clean fuel annually for Amazon and other truck fleets in the greater Chicago area. Amazon heavy-duty trucks have already fueled at more than 86 existing Clean Energy stations around the country and under the agreement announced last year, another 17 new Clean Energy-owned stations are slated to follow, with several expected to open early next year.

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| Biomass Magazine

January 5, 2023

CalBio, Brookfield Renewable partner on RNG projects

California Bioenergy announced a funding partnership of up to $500 million to scale CalBio’s growth in RNG and other waste-to-energy opportunities. CalBio has established a market-leading position partnering with dairy farmers to design, build, own and operate waste-to-energy projects and is currently capturing fugitive dairy methane and converting it into RNG from over 50 operational manure digesters.

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| Heavy Duty Trucking

January 4, 2023

Q&A: Hyliion CEO Talks the ERX Hypertruck, Future of Natural Gas

HDT Equipment Editor Jim Park (right) sits down with Hyliion's founder and CEO Thomas Healy to discuss the future of natural gas as a motor fuel, the pathway to zero-emissions long-haul transport and more.

HDT’s Equipment Editor Jim Park and Hyliion CEO Thomas Healy discuss the future of natural gas and renewable natural gas as a motor fuel and the pathway to zero emissions long-haul transport.


| Biomass Magazine

January 1, 2023

Clean Energy Announces Financing to Fund RNG Growth

Green Clean Energy Sign

Clean Energy Fuels Corp. announced that it secured financing that provides the company with additional capital to execute its renewable natural gas (RNG) growth strategy as demand for RNG fuel rapidly rises. Clean Energy’s growth strategy includes the development of negative carbon intensity RNG projects and construction of new RNG fueling stations for transportation sector customers.

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| Heavy Duty Trucking

December 23, 2022

HDT’s 2022 Newsmaker of the Year: The Internal Combustion Engine

CNG truck at the port

Even as governments continue to push for the transition to zero-emission trucking, work continues on making internal combustion engines greener than ever. Renewable natural gas and renewable diesel are already available in some areas that can be used in existing CNG and diesel engines.

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| Heavy Duty Trucking

December 20, 2022

Meet HDT’s 2022 Top Green Fleets

Road image with the text Green Fleets 2022, many paths to green

Three California fleets using renewable natural gas were named in Heavy Duty Trucking magazine’s 2022 Top Green Fleets. HDT’s 2022 Top Green Fleets have sustainability strategies as varied as the fleets themselves. Whatever their path, HDT’s Top Green Fleets all share a commitment to sustainability and the environment. AJR, a for-hire regional and long-haul contractor for the U.S. Postal Service; Matheson which also transports mail across the country for the U.S. Postal Service, and the City of Long Beach all utilize NGVs in their fleet.

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December 16, 2022

CNGVC Statement on Approval of 2022 Scoping Plan

In response to the California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) approval of the 2022 Scoping Plan, Nicole Rice, President of the California Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition, made the following statement:

RNG must continue to be incentivized for end-use in heavy-duty trucks to clean our air and reduce carbon emissions. We look forward to working with CARB on implementing the 2022 Scoping Plan and promoting the use of biomethane and other renewable fuels to further decarbonize the transportation sector.”

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| TU Automotive

December 14, 2022

Trucking Facing Bumpy Road to Alternative Fuel Power

Blue Volvo truck powered by hydrogen

As inevitably as taxes and death, the alt-fuel revolution will eventually sweep through even the smallest heavy truck fleets. There are more than a few solutions to choose from. There’s renewable natural gas (RNG) and its sibling compressed natural gas (CNG), fuel cell-powered engines and, of course, BEVs.


| CStore Decisions

December 13, 2022

Trillium Offers Love’s Loyalty Program to CNG Customers

Yellow Love's Reward card being handed to another person.

As a member of the Love’s Family of Companies, Trillium Energy Solutions announced it is offering customers the chance to earn My Love Rewards (MLR) points when they purchase compressed natural gas (CNG) at Trillium stations across the country. The MLR loyalty program gives drivers points and credits for free items when they fuel at public Trillium stations and Love’s Travel Stops.

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| Composites World

December 8, 2022

Hexagon Agility receives order from REV LNG for Mobile Pipeline modules

White heavy duty truck hauling a trailer with long black pipes

Demand for renewable natural gas (RNG) delivery continues to grow with $16.2 million order comprising trailers and modules that are outfitted with composite tanks. The modules will be used to transport and deliver renewable natural gas (RNG) from multiple sites within the U.S.

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| ACT News

December 7, 2022

With Diesel Prices at its Highest, Fleets Are Cutting TCO with CNG, RNG

Yellow Freightliner heavy duty CNG truck

While there is more than one option to reduce emissions for fleets, compressed natural gas (CNG) has a long-standing presence in the heavy-duty sector. The demands related to cost, range, and performance have long been met by this clean-burning fuel, and the emission reductions are furthered by the addition of renewable natural gas (RNG), which has been deemed the only carbon-negative fuel currently available, meaning that it actually slows down climate change. It is no wonder some of the nation’s leading fleets are achieving and often exceeding their stated emission-reduction goals with non-fossil RNG and CNG.

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| NGVAmerica

December 2, 2022

$1.00 RNG Motor Fuel Tax Credit Bill Introduced in U.S. House

Green background with a white letters RNG in a diamond

NGVAmerica applauds the introduction by Representatives Linda Sanchez (D-CA) and Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA) of the Renewable Natural Gas Incentive Act, a bipartisan effort to provide a $1.00 per gallon tax credit for motor vehicles that use renewable natural gas (RNG) to further support clean and efficient transportation across America.

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| NGT News

November 30, 2022

San Diego MTS Orders New Flyer CNG and Electric Buses

Two CNG Buses side by side. one gray one blue

New Flyer of America Inc. has received new firm orders for 41 transit buses from the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS), with options for up to an additional 432 buses.

The firm orders include 28 Xcelsior compressed natural gas (CNG) 40-foot, heavy-duty transit buses. The five-year contract includes options to purchase additional 40-foot and 60-foot Xcelsior CNG buses.

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| Heavy Duty Trucking

November 29, 2022

3 Things I Learned About Trucking Tech in 2022

Volvo heavy-duty truck at Sunset

Several manufacturers around the globe are hard at work pioneering a whole new generation of ICEs that can run on any number of clean fuels, such as ethanol or renewable natural gas or hydrogen. Moreover, these OEMs are claiming that these new, clean fuels will deliver performance that is absolutely on par with today’s diesel engines.

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| C-Store Dive

November 22, 2022

Chevron’s latest acquisition boosts its CNG network to 130 stations

Natural gas fueling station branded as Beyond 6

Chevron’s U.S. division has agreed to acquire diversified energy solutions company Beyond6 and its 55 compressed natural gas (CNG) stations across 16 U.S. states. Chevron’s latest move comes less than a month after its CEO said the company was looking to expand its renewable fuel capabilities, an area in which it has made plenty of noise so far this year.

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