Steering Committee

Voting Members

Associate Members

Organization Structure
The CNGVP is led by a Steering Committee, managed by the Chair. The chair shall serve a term of one year from July 1 to June 30 of the following year. A Vice-Chair manages the Steering Committee in the absence of the Chair and will become the next Chair. The Steering Committee directs the activities of Working Groups created by the Steering Committee and assigned with specific tasks to achieve the goals of the CNGVP. The Chair appoints a Group Leader for each Working Group. The Group Leaders manage and coordinate the activities of the Working Groups and report to the Chair of the Steering Committee. The selection of Vice-Chair shall be conducted before March 31.

Partnership Members
The CNGVP Steering Committee is comprised of Voting Members and Associate Members. All members participate in the activities of the Steering Committee and the Working Groups created by the Steering Committee. New partners may be invited to join the Partnership after approval by the Voting members of the Steering Committee. Private companies can only join the Partnership as Voting member, and public entities and non-profit organizations may join as either Voting or Associate member. Upon acceptance of membership, new partners shall accept all the provisions of the Operating Protocol and shall commit to support the goals and mission of the Partnership. Potential new members (voting or associate) must provide added value to the program, i.e. their expertise or involvement is important to achieve the Partnership’s goals.

Decision Making Process
It is the intent of the CNGVP Steering Committee to make decisions by consensus whenever possible. The CNGVP Steering Committee defines consensus as “group solidarity in sentiment and belief.” The spirit of the Partnership is that all members work together to find a common, cooperative resolution to issues that arise. Because the Partnership is a voluntary organization, dissenting opinions must be appropriately addressed if the organization is to survive without losing members. When consensus is not readily apparent, the Chair may choose to use a voting procedure with the participation of the voting members and move forward based on a majority vote and should attempt to accommodate the concerns of those who disagree.