Download a variety of resources that detail the economic and environmental benefits of natural gas vehicles and renewable natural gas.

Get the Facts

Questions and answers to the most common myths related to natural gas vehicles (NGVs) and renewable natural gas (RNG).

2022 Natural Gas Vehicle Mini Guide

This guide, part of the State of Sustainable Fleets report, provides a snapshot of the NGV market.

2022 California RNG Fuel Usage Report

Learn about California’s RNG use in 2022 from this report by NGVAmerica, the Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas, the California Renewable Transportation Alliance, and the California Natural Gas Vehicle Partnership.

Inflation Reduction Act of 2022

Key Impacts on Natural Gas Fueling and Vehicles.

Carb Data Confirms – NGVs Fueled with Natural Gas in California are the ONLY Carbon Negative Transportation Option

Using carbon-negative transportation fuel is the fastest way for California to reduce the impacts of climate change.

California is Running Out of Time to Achieve Clean Air

In addition to public health impacts, California’s failure to meet federal NAAQS regulations can trigger fines and penalties, including withholding billions of dollars of federal highway funds.

What Is Natural Gas Legislative Advocacy Document

View this collateral document from NGVAmerica for use in legislative lobbying activities. This document spells out the benefits of NGVs in addition to providing an overview of natural gas vehicles.

CNGVP Bioenergy Fuels Californias Clean Energy Economy

Bioenergy Fuels California Jobs & Economic Development

Learn how California’s diverse bioenergy market plays an important role in helping the state achieve its climate protection goals while fostering economic growth and creating new job opportunities.

Cost Effective Clean Transportation Solutions

Learn why cost-effective, immediate clean transportation solutions are critical to achieve clean air in California.

Understanding Carbon Intensity

Learn what carbon negative fuels are and why implementing them is key to alleviating the impacts of climate change.

NGVAmerica Analyzed Cost Effectiveness of California’s Clean Fleet Funding Strategy

NGVAmerica looked through 15 years of public clean fleet funding data in California and Texas. Read the results summary to learn why Texas achieved significantly more emissions reductions with its “all of the above approach” despite spending much less than California.

CNGVP Guiding Principles

CNGVP Guiding Principles

The CNGVP’s ten guiding principles outline our commitment to cost effectively address California’s air quality and climate protection goals.

Social Assets - CA In-State RNG Study

Social Assets – An Assessment: California’s In-State RNG Supply For Transportation 2020-2024

Share key findings from this report highlighting California’s in-state supply of RNG for transportation. Download ready-to-share social media graphics and content.

What Could $100 Million Buy?

Using one of California’s most popular funding programs, let’s look at the impact the state could make in tackling its air quality and climate goals.